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Welcome to Walk In Clinic of NYC

Walk In Clinic of NYC provides same day appointments for illnesses that are not serious enough to require treatment in the emergency room.

Walk In Clinic of NYC offers prompt, affordable, same-day appointments at our convenient midtown manhattan urgent care medical office. Same day appointments prevent long waiting times associated with Emergency Room visits for illnesses that require prompt medical attention, that are not life threatening.

We provide many services including prescription and medication refills for travellers and patients unable to reach their primary care physicians.

In order to minimise waiting time and make your visit as comfortable as possible, we kindly ask you to schedule an appointment before coming to the office.

Walk In Clinic Services
  • Same Day Appointments
  • Board Certified and Experienced Doctors
  • Short Waiting Time
  • Extended Hours of Operation
  • Insurances Accepted
  • Discount for Uninsured
  • Diagnostic Tests Done on Premises
  • Convinient Midtown Location
  • Personalised Approach
  • Prompt Specialist Referrals

Office Hours

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