Month: September 2019

We’ve always taken a great deal of pride in knowing that our patients always feel like we keep their best interests in mind when they visit our facility. The Urgent Care Doctors here at the NY Urgent Care Clinic have always strived to be known as the best Urgent Care Clinic in NYC. All of our patients constantly tell us that we offer some of the best medical services around and we are among the most affordable Urgent Care Clinics you’ll find in NYC. But many people aren’t aware of the fact that Urgent Care Clinics aren’t just convenient and affordable. They are also capable of providing the same types of care or procedures as most primary care doctors. The biggest difference, of course, is not needing to set-up an appointment far in advance.

Did You Know?

One of the most trusted online resources for medical information and advice is Healthline, and here’s what they had to say about the benefits of most Urgent Care Clinics or Centers: 

“Urgent care centers are convenient and affordable. Make sure you know when to choose them for your medical situation. Understanding what urgent care facilities can and can’t treat can help you decide where to go for medical treatment. Your regular doctor might be the preferred choice, but when you can’t get an appointment for a minor, acute problem, an urgent care center can usually provide the same level of care.”

Obviously, in a more serious or life-threatening situation, you’ll want to call an ambulance and get to a hospital emergency room right away. For any other non-life-threatening situation, however, you can always trust the experts here at our Walk-In Clinic in NYC. Our doctors provide quality and expert medical care for every patient that we see. Regardless of your medical situation or concern, we will always do our best to figure out the best ways to treat you. Don’t wait for weeks to get an appointment with someone else when we can see you today!

Please Remember…

Having a healthy amount of knowledge regarding your medical care options will generally lead to a much healthier mind and body for anyone. Make sure that you do yourself a favor and keep yourself well-informed before seeking any type of care from any type of Walk-In Clinic in NYC. If you’re not sure about what your particular needs are, you may be well advised to consider making note of any medical issues or ailments that you may have. Our medical specialists here offer the best Urgent Care services in NYC and welcome any new patients into our facilities.

Are You In Need Of Quality Urgent Care In NYC?

Here at the Urgent Care Clinic, each of our Urgent Care Doctors strives to provide only the best Urgent Care in NYC. Our patients constantly let us know that we’re the best Urgent Care Clinic in New York, and we don’t take that distinction lightly. If you have any questions or concerns prior to your visit, feel free to give us a call at (212) 686-5800.