Urgent Care Clinic New York

We are one of the most advanced and fully functional urgent care clinics in NYC. We pride ourselves on having a close-knit team of seasoned physicians and physician assistants to provide round-the-clock Urgent Care in NYC, New York City.

Why wait for hours when you need urgent care? Walk In Clinic of NYC provides urgent medical care without making you wait for seemingly endless amounts of time. We offer prompt same day appointments.

For medical conditions that are urgent but not life threatening, you can get consultation, examination and treatment from board certified doctors in our conveniently located Midtown Manhattan Urgent Care Clinic. With most modern technology and state of the art equipment we provide urgent health care when you need it most.

EKGs, urine pregnancy tests, rapid strep tests, blood glucose monitoring, and blood draws are all done at our urgent care center. This ensures quick diagnoses and treatment. We also provide referrals for X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and specialists in case you need them.

We can provide many of the services offered at costly hospital emergency rooms for a fraction of the cost thus saving precious emergency room resources for patients who truly need them and saving our patients time and money. For the convenience of patients, our urgent care doctors are available for extended hours six days a week.

Getting an appointment with our urgent care doctors is easy. You can call us or make an appointment online. We will try to minimize your waiting time and make your visit as comfortable as possible. With nominal waiting time, our urgent care in NYC, New York City offers personalized quality care to patients across all age brackets for a diverse range of illnesses and injuries. Our urgent care clinic in nyc is highly sought after by patients, thanks to the humanly care provided to each patient by our experienced medical professionals.

Urgent care doctors of Walk In Clinic of NYC participate in networks with most of the major health insurance plans. However, with any health plans, there may be deductibles and co-payments for which you would be responsible. We also accept credit card payments.

For self-pay patients, our Urgent Care Clinic financial policy offers some discounts. MOST office visits cost between $90-130. It can go up depending on labs, x – rays, supplies, or any procedures that are done in addition to the visit.

NY Urgent Care Clinic