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    Minor Sprain (Ankle/Knee/Foot)

    A minor sprain is a common injury that can affect the ankle, knee, or foot, causing pain and discomfort. Sprains occur when the ligaments that connect bones and support joints are stretched or torn. This can happen due to sudden twists, falls, or impacts during activities like sports, exercise, or even daily routines. Symptoms of… Continue reading Minor Sprain (Ankle/Knee/Foot)

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    Minor Laceration

    A laceration is a type of wound that occurs when sharp objects like knives, glass, and metal pierce or scrape the skin, resulting in a tear or cut in the skin. Minor lacerations are usually limited to the upper layers of the skin and they do not go deep into the tissues and they do… Continue reading Minor Laceration

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    Abscess Drainage

    An abscess is a painful, pus-filled lump that can develop on any part of your body. It is typically caused by a bacterial infection, where the body’s immune system sends white blood cells to the infected area, leading to the accumulation of pus. Abscesses can occur in various locations, such as the skin, mouth, or… Continue reading Abscess Drainage

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    Foreign Body Removal

    The procedure of foreign body removal is a medical operation to take out the objects that have been accidentally entered into the body. These foreign bodies can be anything from the small ones like splinters, glass shards, or metal fragments to the larger ones like fish bones or swallowed items. Although some foreign bodies may… Continue reading Foreign Body Removal

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    Minor Burns

    Minor burns are skin injuries caused by brief contact with heat, hot liquids, steam, or other hot objects, usually flames, hot surfaces, or boiling water. Such burns usually affect the outer layer of the skin, resulting in redness, pain, and possible blistering. While usually not life-threatening, they can be treated at home with basic first… Continue reading Minor Burns

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    Wart Treatment

    Warts are harmless growths on the skin and mucous membranes caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Treatment encompasses multiple approaches, such as topical solutions, laser therapy, surgery, and antibiotics. These options are designed to thoroughly eliminate warts, thus relieving their existence and potential discomfort. Cause and Symptoms of Wart Warts mainly arise from the human… Continue reading Wart Treatment

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    Allergic Reaction

    An allergic reaction is the natural response of your body’s defense system, which reacts powerfully to the usually harmless substances like food, pollen, dust, or insect stings. After coming across an allergen, your immune system mistakenly sees it as a threat and releases chemicals such as histamine to protect your body. These chemicals lead to… Continue reading Allergic Reaction

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    Deer Tick Bite

    Deer ticks, also called black-legged ticks, are small blood-sucking bugs about the size of a sesame seed, having eight black legs. While they typically target larger animals like deer, humans are also unsafe from their bites. These ticks are famous for passing the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, although they might also carry other harmful… Continue reading Deer Tick Bite

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    Headaches, which are often linked to migraines, are not just severe headaches but neurological disorders with various symptoms. Moreover, healthy people may face intense pain and other discomforts such as nausea, vomiting, and sensory changes like numbness or tingling. Although the exact cause is still unknown, abnormal brain activity that affects nerve signaling, chemicals, and… Continue reading Headache/Migraine

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    Back Pain

    Back pain is the most common reason for medical consultations and work absences and the leading cause of global disability. Back pain usually does not have any clear causes that can be determined through tests. Usually, common triggers such as muscle or ligament strains due to heavy lifting or sudden movements which result in spasms… Continue reading Back Pain

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