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  • A cough is a normal throat-clearing reflex. It is common with the elimination of mucus or foreign irritants and is healthy in most cases unless it lasts for more than two weeks or is accompanied by other symptoms. Even an occasional cough is normal for many people. However, when persistent coughing is experienced, it should lead to an examination of underlying conditions.

    Fever is a signal that your immune system is fighting an infection, and often, it's accompanied by other symptoms such as sweating, shaking, and aches. It may happen due to various causes, such as;

    • Some infections, i.e., pneumonia and Flu
    • Some vaccinations, i.e., diphtheria and tetanus,
    • Teething in babies
    • Inflammatory disorders such as arthritis and Crohn’s disease,
    • Blood clots,
    • Severe sunburn,
    • Poisoning from food
    • Some medications and antibiotics.

    if a fever is high or long-lasting, we advise that consulting a healthcare professional would be the better choice.

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