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  • Back pain is the most common reason for medical consultations and work absences and the leading cause of global disability.

    Back pain usually does not have any clear causes that can be determined through tests. Usually, common triggers such as muscle or ligament strains due to heavy lifting or sudden movements which result in spasms in persons with poor physical condition are responsible.

    The disks may be bulging or ruptured, and therefore, they may press on the nerves, causing pain, yet they might not always be symptomatic. Arthritis, in particular osteoarthritis, can cause lower back pain, which sometimes leads to spinal stenosis. Osteoporosis, which leads to porous and brittle vertebrae, can cause painful breaks.

    Back pain symptoms vary from muscle pains to sharp, burning, or stabbing sensations. Pain may also spread to the leg, which is why people feel the pain more clearly while bending, lifting, or walking.

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