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  • Diabetes is a disease in which the body cannot regulate glucose levels properly, which is the primary energy source of the body. Usually, insulin is released by the pancreas and gets into the cells where the glucose is being processed. But in case a person has diabetes, inadequate insulin or improper insulin utilization leads to high blood sugar level. If uncontrolled, this may result in heart disease, blindness, or kidney disease. Hence it is important to get routine screening for diabetes and get the necessary treatment at the right time.

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    Undiagnosed diabetes is a life-threatening condition and is one of the major causes why many people die in the U.S. So, efficient screening methods are needed to help diabetics get treatment for this problem and live a healthy life.

    The trained professionals at Walk In Clinic perform diabetes screening carefully, thereby bringing you the accurate diagnosis so that you can get the right treatment from your healthcare provider for effective diabetes management.

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