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  • Minor burns are skin injuries caused by brief contact with heat, hot liquids, steam, or other hot objects, usually flames, hot surfaces, or boiling water. Such burns usually affect the outer layer of the skin, resulting in redness, pain, and possible blistering.

    While usually not life-threatening, they can be treated at home with basic first aid. However, severe burns may necessitate medical attention. Cooling the burn, cleaning the area, and applying appropriate ointments or dressings to promote healing and prevent infection are essential.

    Symptoms of Minor Burns

    Symptoms differ based on the burn's severity or extent and are typically more pronounced in the initial hours or days following the burn. Common symptoms include:

    • Redness
    • Peeling Skin
    • Pain or discomfort
    • Blisters
    • Swelling
    • White or charred (black) skin

    If you are suffering from any of the above symptoms, make an appointment with a specialist at the Walk-In Clinic of NYC.

    Our expert team will help you in the timely diagnosis and treatment of your minor burn.

    With convenient service hours and availability six days a week, we ensure you get the relief you need. Whether you need immediate care or continuous management of symptoms, our facility is always there to assist you.

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