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  • A laceration is a type of wound that occurs when sharp objects like knives, glass, and metal pierce or scrape the skin, resulting in a tear or cut in the skin. Minor lacerations are usually limited to the upper layers of the skin and they do not go deep into the tissues and they do not involve a large amount of blood loss.

    However, even minor cuts can be painful and may produce some bleeding. They need appropriate attention to avoid complications like infection and to promote faster healing.

    Symptoms of Minor Lacerations

    • Bleeding: Initial bleeding is common but usually subsides within a few minutes.
    • Pain: The area around the cut can be tender and painful.
    • Redness and Swelling: The skin around the cut may become red and swollen as part of the body's natural response.
    • Bruising: Minor bruising might appear around the affected area.
    • Presence of Foreign Particles: Some dirt or debris may be found in the wound.

    What to Expect at Walk In Clinic

    Our experienced medical staff will assess your laceration and determine the best course of treatment. This may include:

    • Thorough cleaning of the wound to prevent infection.
    • Applying antibiotic ointment for additional protection.
    • Bandaging the wound to promote healing and minimize scarring.
    • Tetanus shot if you are not up to date on your vaccination.
    • Pain medication if needed.

    If you have a minor laceration, don't hesitate to visit Walk In Clinic today. We're here to help you get back on your feet quickly and conveniently.

    Most insurances are accepted at Walk In Clinic of NYC!

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