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  • A Deer Tick Bite: Preventive Measures And Risks

    Deer tick bites, also commonly known as the Lyme disease is an infection caused by the bite of a tick that carries a lethal bacteria called Borrelia Burgdorferi. Ticks get infected with this bacteria on biting infectious animals like deer and mice.

    Generally, tick bites are not harmful and do not show any symptoms but if an infected tick bites you, you might experience certain symptoms. Lyme disease is the most common type of tick-borne disease caused by a black-legged tick referred to as the “deer tick”. Walk-in clinic of NYC is a leading provider of urgent medical care in New York City. We are a team of professional doctors who give the prevention of your disease utmost priority.

    Going by the statistics, the Lyme disease or deer tick bite is a result of four main species of bacterium. In the United States, it is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi and Borrelia mayonii. In Europe, Borrelia afzelii and Borrelia garinii are responsible for deer tick bites. In most cases, deer tick bites do not cause any harm to an individual, however, deer tick bites can cause serious allergic reactions if it is infected with a bacteria. These generally attack a four-legged species and the infection is likely to pass on to the humans as well.

    Deer Tick Bite - Walk in Clinic

    Symptoms Of Deer Tick Bite Or Lyme Disease

    Deer tick bites generally do not cause any pain and heal over time. These tiny bites may even go unnoticed, without showing any signs and symptoms of any allergy or a deadly disease. If you get bitten by a tick, you may start to experience symptoms within one to three weeks. You may notice a red circular patch developing on the affected area which is the symptom of an infection.

    Other symptoms of deer tick bites include:

    • Pain
    • Swelling
    • Redness
    • Flu-like symptoms
    • Skin Rashes
    • Burning sensation
    • Painful blisters
    • Breathing difficulty
    • Fever
    • Body chills
    • Severe headaches
    • Swelling in the body
    • Lethargy and fatigue
    • Pain in the joints
    • Body and muscle ache

    After Signs And Symptoms

    In case you get infected with a deer tick bite and leave it untreated, you may experience new signs and symptoms being developed on your body or near the affected areas. These symptoms include the following:

    • Erythema Migrans: These are skin rashes and can appear on various parts of the body.

    • Joint Pains: You may encounter severe pain in the joints, mostly the knees.

    • Neurological Issues: This infection can lead to neurological issues as well. You might experience symptoms of meningitis or get temporarily paralyzed on one side of your face. Numbness in the limbs and partial muscle movement are also common symptoms of deer tick bites.

    Risks Associated With Deer Tick Bites

    Lyme disease or deer tick bites can be easily acquired while you enjoy your vacation or just sit in the plush grass of your backyard. The following mentioned risk factors are associated with deer tick bites:

      • Heavily wooded/grassy locations: Deer ticks are most likely to happen if you spend more time in grassy or heavily wooded areas. It is the most prominent in the United States. Children are more prone to Lyme disease as they spend more time outdoors.


      • Skin exposure: Bare and uncovered skin is the most prone to tick attacks. Ticks get easily attached to the uncovered skin. Remember to keep your skin covered. Deer ticks are most commonly brought in by pets, so remember to maintain your pet’s hygiene.


      • Immediate prevention: It is important to remove ticks the moment they get attached to your skin. In case you do not remove ticks the bacteria from their bite can enter into the bloodstream and cause allergic reactions within 36 to 48 hours.


    It is recommended to consult a doctor if you witness any symptoms associated with deer tick bites. We, at Walk in clinic of New York are experts in providing urgent medical care in New York City. We treat our patients like our own family.

    Are you suffering from deer tick bites and require urgent medical care in New York City? Consult expert doctors at Walk in clinic of New York. Get in touch with us. Visit: Walk-in Clinic                                        

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