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    Some Hot Tips For A Cooler Summer

    We understand just how exciting this time of the year is. Trust us when we say, “We love going to the beach too.” That said, you also need to prepare yourself for both the fun days and the “dog days” of summer. It’s not just toddlers or the elderly that need to worry about things like dehydration or overheating. It’s that magical time of the year where most of our kids are out of school, and we’re all gearing up for vacations or fun in the sun. Our Urgent Care Doctors in NYC  here at the Urgent Care Clinic strive to provide amazing Urgent Care in NYC. Our patients constantly let us know that we’re the best Urgent Care Clinic, and we don’t take that distinction lightly. We also like to help keep our patients healthy and happy throughout the year. As we gear up for summer, we hope you’ll do yourself a favor and check out these helpful “cool summer tips” from the Walk-In Clinic of NYC to help make your summer even cooler:

    1. Pace yourself. Getting a workout is great at almost any time or place. An exception to that is when it’s extremely hot outside. The reason for this is actually easier to explain than most people may think. When our bodies perspire (or sweat), we lose water. The hotter it is outside, the more we will sweat. Our muscles and internal organs also tend to work twice as hard on hotter days as well. Just be careful out there, and take it easy.
    2. Keep hydrated. This one kind of ties in with “losing water.” On hotter days, our bodies will naturally perspire (or sweat) more with or without us engaging in a lot of physical activity outside. It’s important to hydrate regularly, and if possible, make sure you pack any water bottle with ice. Or, just buy a bottle that includes a freezer stick inside of it.
    3. Listen to your body. If you’re tired, if you’re having trouble breathing, or if you just generally feel sluggish or faint outside on a hotter day, listen to your body. Don’t push yourself any harder than needed on a hotter day. Stay cool and stay as safe as possible.
    4. Stay in the shade (when possible). When you’re on a beach, this one may be a bit harder. But even on a beach, you should be able to find an umbrella or some sort of shaded area/building nearby. Be sure to wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen whenever possible on any hot & sunny days. You’ll be thankful later (trust us).
    5. Wear light clothing (when appropriate). This one is pretty simple to explain. When it’s hotter outside, our bodies are naturally working harder to compensate. Wearing jeans or sweatpants and long-sleeved tops aren’t good to wear in hotter weather. In fact, longer or heavier clothing can cause us to perspire (or sweat) a lot more. Wearing lighter clothing allows us to move around easier and feel much more comfortable in the heat.


    You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to do anything and everything you can to stay safe this summer. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should just stay inside with the air conditioner on, however. In fact, getting outside and enjoying yourself is a big part of what makes summer so much fun! Just be sure to keep our helpful “cool summer tips” in mind when you and your loved ones venture out into the world this summer. If you have any concerns, or you haven’t had a check-up in a while, be sure to visit us here at the Walk-In Clinic of NYC today.

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