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    Things To Expect When Visiting A Travel Clinic

    Sometimes, even a minor injury or illness can result in bigger problems, if medical care is not given. This is why it is important to get your problem treated as soon as possible.

    What would you do if your health condition is not life-threatening and your primary care doctor is too busy to schedule an appointment? Don’t worry! Fortunately, we have walk-in clinics that offer medical care to health conditions that are urgent but not life-threatening. With the advent of Walk-in clinics, you can say goodbye to waiting in long lines and prior appointment bookings to meet a doctor.

    Please remember, walk-in clinics are not meant for chronic and life-threatening problems. However, most of these clinics offer testing and diagnostic services. Before you visit a walk-in clinic, make sure you are well informed. This will help you understand what to expect during your visit and you’ll be more confident. After all, everyone feels a little intimidated before visiting any healthcare facility. To help you understand more about a walk-in clinic, our healthcare experts, at Walk-In Clinic of NYC, will explain some of the important things you need to know.

    • When it comes to treating and diagnosing “low-acuity conditions” the quality of care offered is almost equal to your primary care physician’s office.It is important to know which healthcare conditions you need to visit a walk-in clinic. For example, a sore throat, poison ivy or minor injuries can be easily treated at walk-in-clinics, whereas for chest pain and fainting spells, it is always recommended to visit a retail health clinic.
    • Walk-in clinics are the most acceptable alternative to a primary care doctor’s office, especially for those who don’t have any complex medical history. For example, if you’re suffering from problems like coronary artery disease, diabetes and emphysema, it is advisable to visit your primary care doctor instead of the walk-in clinic. This is because your primary care physician knows your medical history and how much you’ve progressed. Also, walk-in clinics may not have the right equipment to diagnose and treat your health condition.
    • Another important thing is when you visit a walk-in clinic, make sure your primary care doctor knows about it.
    • If your problem requires a medical assistance from specialists, visiting a walk-in clinic is big no-no. To get the more advanced medical care, it is best to visit your primary care doctor’s office.
    • Walk-in clinics are definitely not the right option to manage long-term chronic diseases. If you’ve problems like increased blood sugar level or want to regulate your blood pressure, see your primary care physician, as you can visit her/him for follow-ups.

    The Bottom Line

    Hopefully, after reading this post, now you’re able to determine whether you need to visit a walk-in clinic or primary care physician’s office. If you have a medical history and need urgent medical care but your primary healthcare professional is too busy to book an appointment, it is always advisable to visit a walk-in clinic.

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