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  • What Is The Treatment And Procedure For Warts Removal

    Warts is a common skin disease which can affect the hands, feet or any other part of the body. These are basically lesions or extended bumps that form on the skin. These are generally non-cancerous but should be diagnosed at an urgent care clinic in NYC. Warts are generally pink in color. They are mostly the color of the skin. Warts is the development of a viral infection on the body known as human papillomavirus (HPV). On touching, warts might feel rough. An individual affected with warts might feel the urge of scratching it. One should refrain from doing so as it can lead to excessive bleeding and skin rashes.
    Warts exist in all shapes and sizes, some can be small and some can be very big in size. The textures can differ depending on the ratio of the infection. It is essential to consult a doctor immediately when you discover the development of warts on your skin. The texture of warts can also differ depending on your skin type. It can be smooth, rough, flat to touch or damp. The colors can range between pink to brown. Warts can also be a cause of heredity. It can be passed on in genes and a person can thus develop them.

    The main reason behind the development of these tiny bulbs is broken skin. The HPV virus can enter into the skin through these cracks. Warts can potentially grow on the skin and spread to other parts of the body as well. In order to seek treatment one can consult the doctors at Walk In Clinic Chelsea, NYC.

    We at the Walk-In Clinic of NYC thrive to serve the mission of keeping our clients 100% satisfied with our services. We are the leaders in providing urgent care services. Our team possesses years of experience in lending high-quality services to clients with the use of the latest equipment and technology.

    What treatment is involved in treating warts?
    The main objective of treating warts is to destroy it completely. Also, the treatment helps the body in getting immune towards the redevelopment of this disformity. The treatment involves peeling through warts using salicylic acid concentration. The solution should, however, be used in the right quantities. The layers of warts gradually get dissolved with the help of this solution. Another treatment that is used is freezing therapy. In this treatment, liquid nitrogen is applied to the affected area. Because of the freezing effect, the wart falls off the skin on its own in a couple of days.

    What precautions should be taken post-treatment?
    After the treatment, the patient might feel pain and discomfort in the affected area. The regular application of ice packs can help in relieving the pain and the redness. Warts should settle within a couple of days post-treatment. One can consult the urgent care clinic in NYC for correct treatment suggestions.

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