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  • Why choose walk-in clinic over emergency rooms?

    Healthcare industry is developing each day. New innovations & research materials help the people all around the world. Nonetheless, the wait of emergency room has stayed the same. However,  walk in clinic and urgent care centers have changed the healthcare industry. Walk in clinics are the medical facilities which treat the patients on the walk-in basis and without the appointment.  Such facilities are perfect for people who want immediate medical care.

    walk in clinic

    Unlike, the emergency room, the walk in clinics do not treat life-threatening diseases. They are designed to provide care for the minor emergencies. The clinics exist for convenience. They are perfect for the time when you cannot wait to see the doctor and don’t have time to spend in the emergency room. Once you walk in, the nurse-in-charge will speak to you about your symptoms. Your symptoms will be analyzed and disease diagnosed by the nurse-in-charge.

    Some walk in clinics handle more than basic first-aid. These clinics are equipped with the required machinery to care for the non-trauma conditions too. The walk in clinics also accept the majority of insurance plans. Far less amount of money is charged by the insurance companies for the visit to the clinic. In case your insurance plan is not accepted or if you do not have any insurance plan, you can ask for the available options for payment and treatment.

    Conditions treated in the walk in clinics

    If you have following conditions, you can visit the walk in clinics rather than waiting at the emergency room:

    • Eczema, warts, rashes, athlete’s foot, and other skin problems
    • Pink eye
    • Basic injuries such as  sprains or first-degree burns
    • Strep throat
    • Bladder infections
    • Sinus infection
    • Upper respiratory infections such as asthma
    • Stomachaches

    Reasons why walk in clinics are the best

    • Convenience
      One of the best reasons to go to the walk in clinic is for the convenience of the trip. No long waits or no queues, a walk in clinic offers you an easy way to get your medication. You don’t even require an appointment. You simply need to walk in, check-in with the nurse in charge and you’ll be taken to see a board certified doctor within few minutes.
    • Experience
      As a walk in clinic treats numerous patients, with years the doctors and nurses accumulate a lot of experience. They are not surprised by the patients and their ailments. Once you enter a walk in clinic you won’t be treated in a vacuum. The walk in clinic doctor becomes your personal doctor. The doctor and nurses know your medical history and review it carefully whenever you come in for a visit. The one-on-one care they offer cannot be matched by the impersonal emergency rooms. The walk in clinics offer the perfect medical care. Each patient has a manila folder with his/her medical details.

    Looking for a convenient walk in clinic? Consult  Walk in clinic of NYC for immediate medical care.

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