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    What to Expect From Back Pain Treatment?

    Nearly eight million people in the United States are diagnosed with back pain every day. The symptoms often range from minor discomfort to chronic pain, which can remarkably affect your everyday life. You need to consult an experienced and certified physician to start your back pain treatment as soon as possible. There are several urgent care clinics in NY that treat the causes and symptoms of back pain. At Walk In Clinic of NYC, we have the best physicians to offer a comprehensive treatment of back pain.

    Causes of back pain

    Since our back supports the whole body weight, so pain in this area is the most common health complaint. There are various causes of back pain, such as physical trauma, weak muscles, core strength, poor posture, and problems with spine structure.

    Symptoms that accompany pain pain

    Often, back pain symptoms vary from acute to chronic. You may experience sharp pain, soreness, pain while moving, back spasms, and upper back pain. Plus, back pain is accompanied by numbness or pain in the legs, arms or neck. Therefore, if you experience tingling, pain, and weakness in your body, immediately report it to your healthcare provider to seek treatment.

    Back pain treatments

    The first step to determine back pain treatment is to diagnose the major causes. When you visit an urgent care clinic in NY, your physician will perform a physical examination to locate the painful area and find out the range of motion, neurological function, and many more. Depending on your physical exam results, your doctor may recommend a urine test, blood test, MRI, X-ray, EMG or CT scan. Once the diagnosis process is done, you may be recommended with any of the following pain back treatments.

    1. Anti-inflammatory Medications
    2. Acetaminophen
    3. Steroids
    4. Exercise and Strengthening
    5. Trigger Point Injection (TPI)

    Things you can do at home to reduce back pain

    Well, not all back pains require a visit to the clinic. However, if you experience severe symptoms that last for more than two weeks, immediately seek medical attention. Doesn’t matter whether you see a physician or not, here are some of the things you can do at home to reduce back pain.

    While you’re recovering, you need to avoid activities that can potentially strain your back, you may end up causing more damage. But, you should gradually start doing some moderate exercises under the guidance of your physician.

    If you experience swelling or inflammation, use an ice pack to reduce pain. You can also take painkillers to reduce pain and increase comfort.

    In case of chronic back pain, you need to make sure you’re sleeping on a comfortable mattress with medium firmness. Also, avoid sleeping on your stomach. Finally, practice proper posture on a daily basis, especially while working on a computer or sitting for a longer duration.

    Whether your back pain is mild or severe, make sure you get it diagnosed at the earliest to avoid further back issues. Are you looking for some of the best urgent care clinics in NY? Schedule an appointment with us – Walk in Clinic of NYC – 212-686-5800.

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