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  • When should you bring your children at our urgent care clinic?

    As a parent, one of the most stressful and worrisome things is when your child is sick. Whether it something as simple as flu or something big, the most important thing is to make them feel better and comfortable. As a parent, you might be wondering when to get them medical help. Our Walk in Clinic of NYC will care for your child when they have fever. At an urgent care clinic, you can securely bring your child in without exposing them to other viruses in the hospital’s ER. If you are still at home, here are a few steps that you must follow to assess your child’s situation at home:

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    Why does my child have a fever?

    Fever is a natural response of the body to the infections and viruses. As a signal to the immune system, the brain raises the body temperature. The bodies of the infants and toddlers are built to withstand fever and hence, it is normal for their body temperature to climb over 100F. If your child in under six months and has the body temperature less than 103F, you don’t need to call doctor.

    When you should seek the doctor?

    It is often for the best to let the child rest when their immune system fights off the flu, cold or other infection. However, there are a few situations when it is necessary that you bring your child to the urgent care clinic. Here are a few cases when you should come in:

    1. If your child in under three months and has a fever over 100F. The infants are vulnerable to the infections and viruses as their bodies are not yet used to them. Make sure you immediately bring them to the doctor.
    2. If your child is between the age of three and six months with a fever higher than 101F, bring them to the doctor immediately.
    3. If your child has fever over 105F, seek the Emergency room. If the fever is accompanied with severe pain, headache, extreme lethargy, shortness of breath, compromised immunity, difficulty to swallow and other extreme symptoms.

    When you are in doubt, you need to bring your child to the urgent care clinic. At our Walk in Clinic of NYC, the most common complaint we hear is of dizziness. Fever affects 70% population and is often due to the virus and infections. If you are ever worried, just bring your child in our clinic, our expert doctors will diagnose your child and start the further treatment.

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